Brume Bioxygene 100 ml

£36.00 GBP

The skin is effectively protected from various types of pollution and impurities. Reoxygenated, the skin is able to breathe freely and appears beautifully radiant. Moisturised, the skin feels soft and comfortable.

- Protective "Shield": Purisoft (Moringa seed extract) : Creates a film that protects skin from environmental and domestic particles and other impurities by preventing their adherence to the skin's surface.

- Radiant And Moisturised Skin: Pro-Oxygene : Stimulates cell metabolism to restore radiance to the skin. Natural plant extract: Improves skin hydration.

- Defensive "Shield": Purisoft (Moringa seed extract) : Boosts the skin's biological defences by preserving the vitality of bacteria, beneficial to the skin's biological balance.

To use: Shake well and spray over the face from a distance of 20 cm, keeping eyes closed. Avoid contact with eyes. The convenient on-the-go size allows you to carry it with you for rapid use at any time of the day.

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