Crème Nouvelle Vie 50 ml

£93.50 GBP

Breathes new life into the skin: with NOUVELLE VIE Cream, the face appears more youthful, day after day. Signs of ageing and fatigue are minimised and the complexion is radiant. With its double-action formula, NOUVELLE VIE Cream combats all early signs of ageing:

1. Youth action: contains Hydravie Complex, which tones the skin by activating cell metabolism and reinforcing skin structure. It rehydrates the skin and protects it from factors which cause premature ageing, thereby minimising fine lines.

2. Radiance-enhancing anti-fatigue action: minimises signs of fatigue and helps restore radiance to the skin. Skin appears smooth and imperfections are minimised.


- Protect the skin from factors which cause premature ageing

- Smooth fine lines

- Tone the skin

- Intensely rehydrate the skin

- Restore radiance

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