Serum Hydra Summum 30 ml

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Water is essential for skin cells. Moisturizing the skin properly is vital to keep skin looking young and beautiful. With age, however, moisture levels decrease. The skin becomes dull and feels uncomfortable, and fine lines appear.

Enriched in Hydralogic Complex, with a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Aquasilanol, HYDRA SUMMUM Serum restores the moisture levels of youthful skin by boosting the skin’s hydration mechanisms:

1. Forms a barrier to limit transepidermal water loss

2. Binds water to the skin

3. Improves water distribution from the dermis to the epidermis

Used in addition to a skin cream, this serum is ideal for visibly restoring the skin’s youthfulness through hydration and for rehydrating dehydrated skin.


Quickly restore to the skin:

- Softness and comfort

- Tonicity and elasticity

- Smoothness and radiance

The skin is perfectly hydrated and recovers a beautiful, more youthful appearance.

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